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Increase your earnings by inviting more traders

Invite your clients to experience fortuna's advantageous trading environment, featuring competitive conditions, narrow spreads, and advanced trading platforms. Introduce them to fortuna now!


As an Introducing Broker (IB) with an extensive network, leverage your contacts by bringing them to fortuna.


If you are an experienced investor skilled in creating effective trading strategies and signals, and if other traders look to you for guidance due to your expertise, you have the potential to become a successful Introducing Broker (IB).


Increase your earnings by directing your students to fortuna.


If your expertise lies in online currency exchange and you offer local money transfer services to a broad client network, we are interested in connecting with you.

Fortuna Partner Account features

Personal Account

You will have a high-end personal account with advanced features.

No Limits

There will be no restrictions during our cooperation.

24/7 Support

We will provide professional support 24/7, seven days a week.

high security

High security is a priority; trade with peace of mind.

Report & Analyse

The reports are entirely accurate and detailed, allowing you to conduct professional analysis.

Multi Language

There are multiple languages available to keep your trading options open.

Our Partnership Programs

(Getting Familiar)

◘ Commission up to 4.5$ / Lot

(Joined to Family)

◘ Commission up to 9$ / Lot
◘ Take advantage of Net Deposit
◘ Extra sponsorship payout

(Part of Our Team)

◘ Commission up to 10.8$ / Lot
◘ Take ultra advantage of Net Deposit
◘ Exclusive sponsorship payout
◘ High priority support

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Become a business partner

Why wait? This is a perfect opportunity for a major shift in your business path. Join us as a profit-sharing partner with high returns and no initial capital. Fortuna considers your success a top priority, providing you with the highest profit margins, enabling you to easily achieve high income through professional analysis and exclusive strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

To join Fortuna Markets’s affiliate program,  Follow the registration process, fill out the required information, and agree to the terms and conditions. Once approved, you’ll gain access to marketing materials and your unique affiliate tracking links.

Fortuna Markets provides a competitive commission structure for affiliates. The specific details, such as commission rates and payment terms, can be found in the affiliate agreement. Commissions are often based on the trading volume generated by referred clients.

Each affiliate is given a unique tracking link. When a potential client clicks on this link and opens an account or engages in trading activities with Fortuna Markets, the system automatically tracks the referral. The affiliate is then credited with the corresponding commission.

Fortuna Markets provides a range of marketing materials, including banners, landing pages, and promotional content. Affiliates can access these materials through their affiliate dashboard after registering. These materials are designed to help affiliates effectively promote Fortuna Markets’s services.

Affiliate commissions are typically paid according to the payment terms outlined in the affiliate agreement. Commissions may be paid monthly, quarterly, or based on other agreed-upon terms. Payments are often processed through bank transfers, e-wallets, or other convenient methods.

Yes, Fortuna Markets provides affiliates with a real-time tracking system through their affiliate dashboard. Affiliates can monitor clicks, registrations, trading volumes, and commissions earned. This transparency helps affiliates assess the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

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