economic calendar

economic calander

What is Economic Calendar?

An economic calendar is a tool used by investors and traders to track market-moving events, such as economic indicators, monetary policy decisions, and political events. These calendars are designed to help market participants anticipate market movements and manage risk.
  • Definition: An economic calendar lists the dates and times of key economic data releases, government reports, and policy announcements that can impact the financial markets.
  • Purpose: Traders and investors use economic calendars to monitor market-moving events, plan trades, and adjust strategies.


Each event is marked with an importance level (low, medium, high) indicating the likely impact on the markets.

Central Bank Meetings

Interest rate decisions and monetary policy statements from central banks like the Federal Reserve, ECB, and BoJ.

Economic Indicators

Data releases such as GDP, unemployment rates, consumer price index (CPI) , and manufacturing PMIs.

Political Events

Elections, summits, and legislative changes that could affect economic policy and market sentiment.

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